Essential Factors to Consider when choosing a Water Filter

Pentair filters and other brands of water filter all promise efficiency and effectiveness as long as water filtration is concerned. However, there are some important factors that you must consider before installing a water filtration system in Australia.


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Water Contaminants

There are different types of contaminants that may go along with your tap water. To determine which is which, and know the type of water filter to use, make sure that you get your household water checked as it is equally important to know the general contaminants in your locality as well.

To find out, always look at your city’s annual water quality report. Considering that the overall water quality is safe for consumption and household use, there is still another way to make it safer for drinking – that is by using high-quality water filters such as the Pentair filters in Sydney.

When looking for Pentair quality water filters within Australia, make sure that you contact only the authorised distributors to assure that you get only the authentic products. Visit Essential Services for more details.

Water Usage and Needs

  • Point of Entry vs. Point of Use

One reason why it’s essential to know the contaminants in your community’s water supply is to determine what type of water filtration system to use in your household or business. Also, by doing so, you can determine whether to place your filter at the point of entry or at the point of use.

However, for practicality, most residences use Point-of-use filter system for cost-efficiency reasons. This type of filter system commonly includes a faucet-mounted filter, countertop filter, carafe filter, under-sink filter, refrigerator filter, and reverse-osmosis filter.

Pentair filters also offer a wide range of filter types which efficiently remove specific contaminants.

  • Whole-house filtration system

Pentair filtration Sydney doesn’t only offer small-scale and point-of-use water filters. They also have large tanks for general filtration. But, before considering to install a whole-house filtration system, you should be aware of both the installation and maintenance cost it may add up to your annual expenses.

NSF seal

Before purchasing a water filtration system, make sure that it follows the NSF standards. An NSF certification (from the National Science Foundation) says that a certain water filter brand meets certain standards for general and specific water filtration. Pentair filters are considered NSF certified products.

But, this certification isn’t only relevant to water filters, but also to pharmaceuticals, automotive, building products, cosmetics, dietary, and almost all other products directly related to human health and safety.


As what the experts suggest, reverse osmosis filtration is considered the most efficient water filtration system in Australia and anywhere in the world as this can eradicate almost every particulate in the water. However, the total cost of the installation, as well as the long-term maintenance of your filtration system must also be considered.

Beware of Advertisement Fads

By considering efficiency, availability, and the cost of water filtration system, some people use desperate measures to market different kinds of water filters even if it isn’t backed by scientific research. This is one reason why it is important to look for the NSF seal before purchasing any water filter brand.

Choose only the trusted water filter brands. Find Pentair Filters Sydney through Essential Services.

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