Fun Reasons To Hire a Mini Bus This Prom for Graduation Season

From athletes and schools to business owners, these days everyone is considering mini bus hire Newcastle operators provide. This is because buses offer an easier way to travel as a group to the destination. Not only that, bus lanes are making it more lucrative to travel by bus.

The following list compiles 5 fun reasons you can consider hiring a bus for your upcoming prom night before you graduate.

More Fun

Prom is a rite of passage that is shared by teens all over the world before they go to college. Instead of hiring a limo which has become so done and dusted, opt for services of mini bus hire Newcastle operators provide instead. Instead of quietly sitting in a limo, a party bus could allow you the space to have more fun reaching your prom location. Also, you can fit more friends when you opt for services of mini bus hire in Newcastle, even if they don’t have dates.

Actually Safer

If you think about it, reaching your prom location which could easily be on the outskirts of the city, is safer when you opt for a Newcastle mini bus hire service from your locality. Parents will rest easy knowing there is a head count and a designated driver to take their kids to prom and back. Usually, drivers of mini buses for hire have years of experience and a professional attitude backed up by certification by their respective companies. Also, with the latest technology installed in these air-conditioned mini buses, if there is any requirement of help or directions, it can be requested by the driver with the touch of a button. You and your friends can rest be assured that you will reach your prom or graduation safely in one piece and return home with some great memories. Check Grace Coaches for more details.

Reaching Your Prom Or Grad On Time

All young adults pride themselves for being a bit fashionably late. However, you do not want to miss any part of your prom or graduation, especially by getting lost, or due to flat tires or accidents from personally driving. You may have some friends who do not want to arrive at prom or graduation till it is already underway. The best way to avoid this situation is by getting everyone together and bringing the party crowd on a bus by opting for services like mini bus hire Newcastle firms provideinstead.


Buying a prom dress, getting a tux tailored or renting one is quite expensive. If you have been saving up from your summer jobs or after school part-time career, then hiring a mini bus makes more economical sense. Also if parents are footing the prom bill, they would be paying less for more safety where their children are concerned. If you happen to be paying for your date’s transportation, splitting costs on a party or mini bus will save you a lot of money for other things like corsages or post prom party goodies. Whichever way you look at it, hiring a mini bus to help you get to prom makes more sense than hiring your own car or a limo.

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