Road Safety: Helpful Tips That Could Save Your Life While Driving

Wherever you are, accidents can possibly happen any time of the day. Even if you have the latest car model like the Jeep Renegade Sport or Jeep Renegade Longitude, a lot of things can go wrong while you are on the road. How much more so if you are driving a used car? Road safety is one of the factors you have to consider before you say yes to a dealer who offers Brisbane Jeep today.


Whether you are contemplating on getting a new or used car from a dealer that offers Brisbane Jeep at a reasonable price, road safety should still be your top priority. It is very easy to get swayed with a good sales talk nowadays, but knowing how to keep yourself safe while on the road is extremely important.


Below are helpful tips that could save your life while you are on the road.


  • Adjust Side Mirrors Frequently – Even if you are driving the latest Brisbane Jeep Renegade Longitude model that has a built-in blind spot monitoring technology, it is still best if you adjust your side mirrors frequently for added safety. Make sure that you can see a large portion of the road and traffic behind you to prevent any mishaps.

  • Don’t Break When Out of Control – Hitting the breaks when you lose control of your car can actually cause a major accident. If you are driving a used Jeep Brisbane dealers sell today and you suddenly lose control, it would be best if you take your foot off the gas pedal and allow the vehicle to lose speed gradually. If you are going downhill, find any obstacle and steer in that direction to lose speed faster.

  • Keep Your Seatbelt On – Even if you think the traffic is not very heavy or you are driving in a rural area, wearing your seatbelt is still the best way to keep you safe. Anything can happen while you are on the road. A blown out tire or an animal darting across the road can cause trouble. When you find a dealer who offers Brisbane Jeep, look for a model that has 7 airbags available for all passengers, like the Jeep Renegade Sport, for instance, is ideal for added safety when an accident can’t be avoided.

  • Keep Both Hands on the Wheel – Although driving with one hand may seem convenient, it can actually decrease your reaction time. It puts you at greater risk of being in an accident. If you have to drink coffee while driving, put your spill-proof cup in one of the cupholders after taking a sip.

Before you make up your mind on getting a new or used Jeep, take a look at a demo Jeep Brisbane dealerships offer. Demo cars are often used for test-drives when popular models are in short supply. They either come from the dealership’s own inventory or from an auction. To ensure that the demo car you are eyeing is still in good condition, ask for a test drive. This will guarantee that you have performed a thorough inspection of the car if you drive it first hand before buying. Visit us at


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