Road Testing the New Kia Carnival: In-Depth Review

The SUV market is already quite saturated in terms of options and competitions across various models. Hence, Kia has moved away from this saturated market and developed its own line dedicated for the MPV market. When you buy Kia Carnival Brisbane can offer, you will be able to relish the promise of the reliability and performance of an MPV, along with the style and prestige of an SUV.

Before you set out into the market to buy Carnival Kia has to offer, you need to go inside the vehicle and see what it has to offer. While it may look good and brand new on the outside, it is what is inside the Brisbane Kia Carnival that matters most.


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Kia Carnival 101

The new model of Carnival from Kia is available in three variants: 2.2 D, mid 2.2D KX, and the high 2.2D EX. All of these models are equipped with 2.2-liter turbo diesel capacity, 190 horsepower, powered by diesel fuel, and up to 6-speed setting. The safety features include Hill Assist and 6 airbags.

The aforementioned features are the same for all of the models regardless of the variant. The difference among these three variants lie in the exterior features such as the halogen projector head lamps, front and rear fog lamps, shark fin antenna, LED rear combination lamps, and front and rear parking sensors, among other things. As for the interior, the availability of the following features could differ based on the variant: overhead conversation mirror, electric lumbar support for driver’s seat, 4.3-inch color display touchscreen and sunshade blinds for the back rows. You need to look at the individual exterior and interior features when you buy Kia Carnival Brisbane currently has to be able to make the distinction.


The updated exterior of the new Carnival from Kia might leave a good first impression. However, it’s what is inside that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Right off the bat, the potent turbo diesel engine combined with the horsepower and torque capacity will give you the power you need. For this reason, it is suitable for long drives and for heavy loads, such as when you travel with the entire family and with plenty of luggage. The power of this vehicle makes the sizeable MPV navigate twists and turns with ease. Even for its size, this vehicle is definitely built for speed.


Aside from the driving performance, comfort is another crucial factor to consider with the new Kia Carnival, especially since it is being marketed as a family-friendly MPV. It has automatic sliding doors on each side to make it easier for even small kids to get inside. The seats are also positioned nicely such that each row has adequate leg room, for kids and adults alike. Even when the second row seats are reclined, there should be enough space for the last row.

Are you intrigued about the new Kia Carnival? You can ask for a quote or learn more about the features before you buy Kia Carnival Brisbane offers at They have auto sales experts that you can consult for any questions you have!

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