Truck Mechanics: Job Description and Work Tools

Trucking is an important component in trade across the country. This crystal clearly shows the work of truck mechanics is vital and necessary. Companies supply manufacturers with raw materials and stores with products to sell. Technicians keep the business going by working on trucks that travel millions of kilometers every year. A reliable truck mechanic Bentleigh has to offer can maintain, repair and inspect any system of the truck from its engine to the entire body and computer or electrical systems.

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Job duties of a truck mechanic

One of the duties of truck mechanic is to offer the service seeker with the most appropriate estimate of the cost and work needed to make a truck operational and safe without inflating costs or adding unnecessary procedures. Professionals such as any Bentleigh truck mechanic can work in a general mechanic shop that repairs various vehicle systems and problems. However, some truck mechanics specialize in areas like rebuilding engines, body work, brakes or electrical systems.

Routine maintenance and inspection include such tasks as changing engine oil, checking tire pressure, checking and replacing wires, distributor caps, spark plugs or ensuring the effectiveness of the truck’s brakes. A trustworthy truck mechanic Bentleigh has to offer can fix complex truck problems within a short period of time.

When it comes to troubleshooting and repairs, problems involving paint jobs, body work, and truck’s electronics or computer are diagnosed and fixed. Any reliable truck mechanic Bentleigh has at present can diagnose problems with the help of plug-in diagnostic systems or onboard diagnostics on the computer of a vehicle and through observations of the truck’s behavior, smell, and sounds.

Tools commonly used by truck mechanics:

A jack and jack stands

Truck mechanics can use this equipment when replacing the rear and the front brakes, changing the oil, and changing the flat tires. Any truck mechanic in Bentleigh should read manufacturers’ instructions before starting to use this equipment. This will help know the most appropriate place to lift the truck and how to set the jack stand.

A socket set

Most of the vehicle components are held together by bolts and nuts. This crystal clearly shows that every mechanic needs to have a socket set. There are two main types of sockets: the deep or long size and standard or shallow size. Standard sockets allow the mechanics reach fasteners found in places, which are obstructed by other components. Deep sockets allow access to fasteners within recessed cylinders and those that extend down or up into the socket. If bought separately, standard sockets will be cheaper than the deep sockets. This is because more material is used when making deep sockets.

A set of screwdrivers

A mechanic can use either powered or manual screwdriver for removing or driving screws. The heavy-duty square blade is one of the types of screwdrivers. It is usually long and most appropriate to use in situations where a lot of driving power is needed. Cabinet screwdrivers have thinner shanks that allow access to screws within deep holes without causing damage to the surrounding components. The best truck mechanic Bentleigh has to offer should not only have these tools, but he or she should also know how to use them.

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