Types of Cairns to port Douglas transfers

Are you travelling from Cairns to Port Douglas? According to the latest news, Port Douglas has seen a boost in the number of families arriving to spend a nice holiday. Most of them choose to opt for cairns to port douglas transfers in order to reach their destination.  However, there are many different types of transfers that you can opt. If you are in a hurry and have shortage of time, then the car is the shortest route for you. Here are the different types of transfers available for your better understanding of the situation.

  • Airport Transfers: With a beautifully maintained air base, you can opt for an airport transfer between both the places. The total time taken to reach from one end to the other is about an hour and ten minutes to two hours depending on the drop off point as well as the number of passengers aboard the plane. Thus you do not have to find an exclusive transport to take you to your destination. You can avail a transport right from the airport itself to help you with your transfer.
  • Shuttles: Call it shuttles, buses or coaches, their services are also included when you talk about cairns to port douglas transfers. This is because coaches are a very popular mode of transportation anywhere on Earth. Thus, Cairns has regular coaches, shuttles and buses leaving from the city for transferring people to Port Douglas. Another major advantage of shuttles is that these are reasonably priced and fit in your budget very well.
  • Limousine: If you are looking for a luxury transfer then you might want to try the limousine transfer packages. These transfers are a very private affair where you, your family and friends are transferred privately. This might be a little expensive than the other modes of transfers but you only opt for a limousine when it is one of your special days. For instance, it is a perfect transfer choice when you are on your honeymoon.
  • Private taxis: Much like limousines, private taxis are also hired by a single family or a group of friends. Private taxis suit those people who are adventurous and like to travel by road. If you are on a road trip then this would suit you a lot. One of the major advantages of a private taxi is that they charge on an hourly basis and thus save your cost as well if you are on a budget trip.
  • Car Hire: Last but not the least, if you are enthusiastic enough to drive your own car, then you can settle for a car hire service. Such services usually charge you hourly or daily, and you have to be sure that you return the car by the date agreed upon.

Thus, these are some of the different modes of transportation used in cairns to port douglas transfersYou can avail any of these based on your schedule and budget, and enjoy the ride and reach your destination safely.

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