Use These Tricks to Move Heavy Furniture Safely

Well, it is time to move your house and that’s you and your credenza, which probably weighs 30 kilograms or more—yes, some weigh up to 90 kilos! That’s a great deal of weight. How then, would you move the stuff from one location to another without breaking a sweat? Before you even think of furniture removalists Burleigh Heads area has to offer, here are some tips you could follow to do it safely:

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Slide heavy furniture, don’t lift

For small pieces of furniture, lifting works quite well. However, if you want to move a bulky piece from one end of the room to another, lifting the whole item may leave you with residual back pain or injuries. The best method is to slide the item across the room, which should be flat and smooth. Even when it comes to lifting smaller pieces of furniture, you should keep your back straight and use the legs more. However, when you have many heavy pieces of furniture to move, you should call reliable furniture removalists Burleigh Heads area has to offer.

A piece of towel or cardboard can do the trick!

A piece of cardboard between the furniture and carpet can ease the friction and help it move easily across the floor. Furniture removalists Burleigh Heads area has to offer may have specialists with the right tools to dismantle the furniture in pieces before moving them. If you would like to get in touch with reliable furniture removalists in Burleigh Heads area, you can check this website.

Alternatively, you can use the magic sliders available in hardware shops. These gadgets you can install at the base of your furniture to help slide it easily from one area of the room to another. They are durable and once installed, can last for as long as the furniture exists. All the same, these are important just as you relocate your pieces of furniture across the room. During a move, you can do your pieces a big favor by calling expert Burleigh heads furniture removalists.

Push or pull

It may look natural to push a heavy piece of furniture, but you can be amazed at the positive effects of pulling as well. Pulling can work better on relatively smaller but heavy pieces of furniture. Simply place your arm on both sides of the furniture, lower your back, and draw backward.

Make the furniture empty first

When the credenza is full of stuff, you might find it difficult to move across space. It is advisable to empty the pieces before you move them. If you have to dismantle the piece, call a specialist with the right equipment to do it and reassemble the unit. For example, call furniture removalists Burleigh Heads area has to offer to disassemble and reassemble the pieces professionally.

On selecting a company for furniture removals, you should consult a company with a sterling record of accomplishment: packing materials, uniformed staff, well-equipped moving truck, and appropriate tools. For best furniture removalists Burleigh Heads area has to offer, visit the link provided in this piece.

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